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Karate has become one of the most famous forms of martial arts in the world. This is possibly because it has all the elements that you would want in a martial art. In Karate, you'll be able to engage in competitions all over the world or you can learn it to help you get healthy in both mind and body or you can use the skills to help you look after yourself and your family. Karate which is Japanese for empty hand combines kicks, blows and strikes in an all round system that can be mastered by men, women and kids. As a matter of fact, it is possible to get your whole family involved with Karate. If you are curious about what would be involved in the average Karate class, this article will give you a basic overview.

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There are many variations of Karate where some are focused on speed while others are centered on power. Many Karate lessons get started with exercises and stretches to limber up. The stretches and exercises are vital in improving our flexibility so that we can execute those fancy kicks and moves. It's very important to be well conditioned and well developed so these warm ups are essential. You'll find that after taking a few Karate class sessions, you'll be feeling stronger and more focused than you ever have.

Right after your warm up, you will begin to do certain Karate moves. Every single movement, every stance and every feet placement is essential to your success in Karate so you will be doing a lot of repetitions of a specific move until it is done the right way. The instructor will show you how to do a particular move, then you do it yourself over and over again. The idea behind repetition is that the moves become second nature and you start to channel the power into certain strikes by the way in which you move your hips and body as one.

Yet another aspect of Karate is what is referred to as "kata" which is essentially performing a sequence of different moves in a combination of strikes, kicks and blocks. You will see "kata" at any Karate event and you will learn how to do this as you gradually move up the grading system. Throughout your lesson, you may have the opportunity to spar with someone with similar set of skills as you. This will give you an idea of what it is like to face someone in a situation where you might require your skills. Even though sparring sounds dangerous, it really is a light exercise to help you see if you are properly positioned and angled when you do a variety of moves and strikes.

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Right at the end of the training, you'll be stretching to help you relax from practice. Every club will have their own routine but you will find that many will follow what's been described in this article.

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